Word Formation

Level up your English vocabulary! In this post, you will learn many words that share the same root. Each word is accompanied by a contextual example sentence, providing you with practical insight into its usage. 

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Word Formation
Width (n)

  • I need to measure the width of the window before buying curtains.

Widen (v)

  • The road construction project aims to widen the highway.

Wide (adj)

  • The road leading to the beach was wide and inviting.

Widely (adv)

  • He is widely recognized as the founder of modern psychology.

Height (n)

  • The height of the waves during the storm was terrifying.

Heighten (v)

  • The news report about the rising cost of living only heightened anxieties about the future.

High (adj)

  • He built a high fence around his garden.

Highly (adv)

  • The discovery was highly significant for the field of medicine.

Length (n)

  • His essay exceeded the maximum length requirement.

Lengthen (v)

  • The days gradually lengthen as spring approaches.

Long (adj)

  • The line at the grocery store was unusually long.

Longly (adv)

  • She stared longly out of the window.

Depth (n)

  • What's the depth of the water here?

Deepen (v)

  • Over the years, his love for her deepened.

Deep (adj)

  • The water looks quite deep here.

Deeply (adv)

  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply to relax your body and reduce stress.

Breadth (n)

  • From the hilltop, they could see the full breadth of the lake.

Broaden (v)

  • They are broadening the bridge to make it safer for pedestrians.

Broad (adj)

  • He was known for his strength and broad shoulders.

Broadly (adv)

  • Broadly speaking, cats prefer to sleep during the day and hunt at night.

Strength (n)

  • He pulled the rope with all his strength.

Strengthen (v)

  • How often should you exercise to strengthen your stomach muscles?

Strong (adj)

  • Even with the injury, he's strong enough to continue playing in the game.

Strongly (adv)

  • The team strongly believes they can win the championship this year.

Weakness (n)

  • Crying is not always a sign of weakness. It can be a healthy way to express emotions.

Weaken (v)

  • Lack of sleep can weaken your immune system.

Weak (adj)

  • The company is in a weak position economically.

Weakly (adv)

  • "I'm not sure about it", he said weakly.

Shortness (n)

  • Some readers were disappointed by the shortness of the books.

Shorten (v)

  • The name William is often shortened to Bill.

Short (adj)

  • She decided to cut her hair short.

Shortly (adv)

  • The movie will start shortly, so grab your popcorn and find your seats.