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These grammar questions are addressed only to learners

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Tenses Quiz

Are You Sure Your English Skills Are Good Enough?

As or Like? Quiz

1. Steve looks nothing _____ his father. A) as B) like

Dog Idioms

  Choose the correct meanings of the idioms.

Adapt vs. Adopt

  1. The couple have no children of their own, but they're hoping to ______ a baby girl. a) adapt  b) adopt 2. Children ______ very easily to new environments. a) adapt b) adopt 3. Many animals have been able to ______ to climate change. a) adapt  b) adopt 4. We need to ______ a different approach to the problem. a) adapt  b) adopt 5. He has urged the government to ______ tighter security measures. a) adapt  b) adopt 6. Businesses have to ______ to change. a) adapt  b) adopt 7. Linda was ______ when she was three. a) adapted  b) adopted  8. He ______ the dress and manners of the country. a) adapted  b) adopted  9. This communication system has been ______ for underwater use. a) adapted  b) adopted  10. This film is ______ from a popular novel. a) adapted b) adopted 

Phrasal Verbs with GET - Quiz

  START THE QUIZ 1. He’s very good at _____ his ideas _____. A) getting …. across B) getting ….. at C) getting ... down 2. There's no time to waste! Let's _______ business. A) get through to B) get away from C) get down to 3. He still hasn't ______ the shock of her death. A) gotten on B) gotten over C) gotten to