Using 'enough'

In English, enough is a very useful word. Knowing how to use enough correctly is essential for better communication.

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Enough means 'as many or as much as someone needs or wants'. Enough can be used with a variety of parts of speech. 

With adjectives and adverbs

Enough always goes after the adjective or adverb it modifies:

  • The coffee is hot enough to drink now.
  • The parking space isn't big enough for my car.
  • He didn't study hard enough for the exam.
  • I woke up early enough to catch the sunrise.

With verbs

Enough goes after verbs:

  • I regret I didn't study enough for the test.
  • I feel my best when I drink enough during the day.

With nouns

Enough normally goes before nouns:

  • I have enough money to buy the ticket.
  • We have enough chairs for everyone.

As a pronoun

Enough can also be used alone (without a noun):

  • Should we go buy some more snacks? There aren't enough for the party.

We use enough with of before determiners or pronouns.

  • I read enough of the article to understand the main points.
  • There aren't enough of us to make up a team.
  • I've had enough of your excuses.