Phrasal Verbs with Live

In this post, we will learn the various phrasal verbs that use live. These phrasal verbs are commonly used in everyday English and can help you express yourself more naturally and fluently. From live out to live it up, we will provide definitions and examples to help you understand and use these phrasal verbs correctly.

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Live by

to follow a particular principle or rule:

  • She always tries to live by her own personal code of ethics.

Live down

to be forgiven for a big mistake by behaving well over time:

  • She did something embarrassing, but she hopes to live it down soon.

Live for

to have a strong desire or passion for something that gives you a sense of purpose in life:

  • She lives for her art and spends every free moment in her studio.

Live in

to live at the place where you work or study:

  • She lives in as a nanny for a wealthy family in the city.

Live off

to depend on someone or something for financial support:

  • He's too lazy to find a job and prefers living off his parents.

Live on

1. to continue to be remembered or have an impact:

  • His legacy lives on in the hearts of those who knew him.

2. to have enough money to cover basic expenses:

  • It's hard to live on such a low salary in this expensive city.

Live out

1. to not live at the place where you work or study:

  • In this town, most students prefer to live out.

to fulfill or experience a particular dream or fantasy:

  • She decided to quit her job and live out her fantasy.

Live through

to experience or survive a difficult or traumatic event:

  • My grandmother lived through two world wars and the Great Depression.

Live together

to live in the same house:

  • Sarah and John decided to live together before getting married.

Live up to

to meet or exceed expectations:

  • I hope I can live up to my parents' expectations.

Live with

to live in the same house:

  • I couldn't stand living with my roommate anymore.

Live it up

to enjoy yourself to the fullest:

  • After years of hard work, it's finally time for him to retire and live it up.