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Adapt vs. Adopt

  1. The couple have no children of their own, but they're hoping to ______ a baby girl. a) adapt  b) adopt 2. Children ______ very easily to new environments. a) adapt b) adopt 3. Many animals have been able to ______ to climate change. a) adapt  b) adopt 4. We need to ______ a different approach to the problem. a) adapt  b) adopt 5. He has urged the government to ______ tighter security measures. a) adapt  b) adopt 6. Businesses have to ______ to change. a) adapt  b) adopt 7. Linda was ______ when she was three. a) adapted  b) adopted  8. He ______ the dress and manners of the country. a) adapted  b) adopted  9. This communication system has been ______ for underwater use. a) adapted  b) adopted  10. This film is ______ from a popular novel. a) adapted b) adopted