Colors Quiz For Beginners


1. The color of fresh blood is:
    a) black
    b) red
    c) blue

2. The color of grass or leave is:
    a) green
    b) blue
    c) gray

3. The color of wood or earth is:
    a) gray
    b) brown
    c) red

4. A color between red and yellow is:
    a) gray
    b) brown
    c) orange

5. A color between red and blue is:
    a) purple
    b) gray
    c) yellow

6. The color of fresh snow is:
    a) green
    b) white
    c) red

7. A color that is similar to red can be described as:
    a) reddish
    b) redded
    c) reddy

8. The color of the middle part of an egg is:
    a) white
    b) red
    c) yellow

9. The color of a clear sky is:
    a) blue
    b) yellow
    c) black

10. A very dark blue is called:
      a) shell blue
      b) navy blue
      c) pastel blue