Can You Tell These Commonly Confused Words Apart?


1. Come and sit here ________ me.
    a) beside
    b) besides

2. What are we having for ________?
    a) desert
    b) dessert

3. Madrid is the ________ of Spain.
    a) capitol
    b) capital

4. The document was written in ________ English.
    a) plain
    b) plane
5. This dress is ________.
    a) lose
    b) loose

6. He played tennis, ________ took a shower.
    a) than
    b) then

7. They were gathered ________ in the garden.
a) all together
b) altogether

8. The court gave its ________.
    a) assent
    b) ascent

9. This was the ________ of the accident.
    a) cite
    b) site

10. We were ordered to remain ________.
      a) stationary
      b) stationery