Quiz: How good is your vocabulary? | Related things-1

English Quiz


Choose the correct alternative.

1. Spoon, spatula, ladle, ________
    a) iron
    b) whisk
    c) rake
    d) mallet

2. Account, currency, cash, ________
    a) projector
    b) ATM
    c) stapler
    d) slot machine

3. Bacon, beef, chicken, ________
    a) butter
    b) cheese
    c) egg
    d) lamb

4. Dutch, Thai, Norwegian, ________
    a) Japanese
    b) Russia
    c) Turkey
    d) Vietnam

5. Gear stick, brake pedal, steering wheel, ________
    a) rudder
    b) bowsprit
    c) accelerator
    d) deck

6. Branch, bark, twig, ________
    a) trunk
    b) weed
    c) grass
    d) shrub

7. Pumpkin, witches, trick or treat, ________
    a) 25th December
    b) 1st April
    c) 14th February
    d) 31st October

8. Bed, night table, wardrobe, ________
    a) chimney
    b) roof
    c) satellite dish
    d) chest of drawers

9. Penny, nickel, dime, ________

    a) button
    b) CD
    c) quarter
    d) iron

10. Sandals, clogs, loafers, ________
    a) gloves
    b) flip flops
    c) suit
    d) shirt