Wednesday, September 1, 2021

These grammar questions are addressed only to learners

1. I spent decades ________ to learn Chinese.

a) try
b) to try
c) trying

2. They sat down and ________ the terms of the agreement.
a) ended
b) finalized

3. In spite of ________, we agreed to go out.
a) we feel tired
b) feeling tired
c) we felt tired

4. Most teens are ________ the phone for hours every day.
a) at
b) on
c) in

5. I have a birthday in December. I was born ________ December 18.
a) at
b) in
c) on

6. It often rains heavily in your land, ________?
a) doesn't it
b) aren't it
c) haven't it

7. My grandmother knows ________ to read ________ to write. She is not literate.
a) neither/nor
b) either/or

8. There's always ________ money in my wallet in case of an emergency.
a) any
b) every
c) some

9. High unemployment is a direct ________ the economic downturn.
a) resulting of
b) result of
c) result on

10. Their economy has grown, while our economy, ________, has declined.
a) in contrast
b) even though
c) although

11. There is no doubt that a diplomatic solution is ________ than warfare.
a) desirable
b) desirabler
c) more desirable

12. The sun ________ at nine o'clock last evening.
a) sat
b) set
c) setted

13. I didn’t understand a word of his story. ________
a) So did I.
b) Neither I did.
c) Neither did I.

14. She’ll ________ a fortune when her father dies.
a) come into
b) come along
c) come through