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Tenses Quiz

1. After my studies, I ________ all the answers for the exam.

a) will being know
b) will be knowing
c) will know

2. Before I ________ to work, I walk at least 30 minutes.
a) will go
b) go
c) am going

3. Someone ________ while you were having a bath.
a) calls
b) called
c) was calling

4. He said he ________ be here at seven o'clock.
a) will
b) shall
c) would

5. He ________ most of his childhood in India.
a) was spending
b) spends
c) spent

6. When she was younger she ________ a lot of tennis.
a) played
b) had played
c) was playing

7. The children ________ with a ball when she came into the room.
a) were playing
b) are playing
c) played

8. I ________ there for hours but the bus didn’t come.
a) waited
b) have waited
c) had waited

9. She ________ four books and she is working on another one.
a) wrote
b) has written
c) had written

10. He ________ by the time we got there.
a) left
b) has left
c) had left

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