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Are You Sure Your English Skills Are Good Enough?

1. Do you have _________ you need to go on this trip?
a) everything
b) nothing
c) any

2. I like that place. As a matter of fact, I'm going there _________ night.
a) today
b) yesterday
c) tomorrow

3. This man was born and _________ in Boston.
a) breed
b) bred
c) breeding

4. I have a dental appointment _________ Wednesday morning.
a) next
b) the next
c) on next

5. Many people are highly _________ and do not like to be criticized.
a) sensible
b) senseless
c) sensitive

6. I don’t know the exact number. I’m only _________ a guess.
a) hazarding 
b) giving
c) trying

7. The hotel is located in a charming mountain _________.
a) view
b) setting
c) atmosphere

8. No _________ intended, but you are making a big mistake.
a) wrong
b) damage
c) offence

9. I put some posters _________ on the wall to make the room look less bare.
a) over
b) up
c) across

10. Are you married, if you don't mind _________?
a) me to ask
b) I ask
c) my asking

11. She always hits the target with _________ accuracy.
a) deadly
b) deathlike
c) deathly

12. He has always been _________ in high esteem by colleagues.
a) taken
b) held
c) kept

13. Please accept this small gift as a _________ of our esteem.
a) token
b) clue
c) index

14. She was _________ to take long walks by herself.
a) gone
b) fallen
c) given

15. We _________ a little profit from selling the house.
a) effected
b) realized
c) settled

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