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Dog Idioms


Idioms Quiz

Choose the correct meanings of the idioms.

1. Emma always dresses like a dog's dinner.

A) something that is very neat
B) something that is very untidy

2. I think Steven is still in the doghouse.
A) in a situation in which someone is unable to make progress
B) in a situation in which someone is angry with you for some reason 

3. Ivan has been leading a dog's life since he retired from the bank.
A) an unhappy and unpleasant life 
B) a successful and happy life

4. The whole team is currently working like a dog on the project.
A) ​in a way that is slow and relaxed
B) extremely hard 

5. He's like a dog with a bone when he’s given a homework assignment.
A) undecided
B) very determined 

6. “Is he pleased with the result?’ ‘Like a dog with two tails.”
A) very pleased and happy 
B) upset and troubled

7. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, so you have to only look out for yourself.
A) a fiercely competitive world 
B) Everyone is very sick

8. My brother always acts like a dog in the manger.
A) a person who prevents others from enjoying what he or she cannot use 
B) a person who is willing to share things with other people

9. He’s always saying that the whole country is going to the dogs.
A) to become more successful as a company or country
B) to become worse in quality 

10. Noah came back with a hangdog expression on his face.
A) sad or ashamed 
B) happy and confident

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