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Phrasal Verbs with GET - Quiz



1. He’s very good at _____ his ideas _____.
A) getting …. across
B) getting ….. at
C) getting ... down

2. There's no time to waste! Let's _______ business.
A) get through to
B) get away from
C) get down to

3. He still hasn't ______ the shock of her death.
A) gotten on
B) gotten over
C) gotten to

4. I tried calling her mobile phone, but I couldn't ______.
A) get through
B) get up to
C) get round

5. The miserable weather was starting to _____ me _____.
A) get…..out
B) get…..up
C) get.....down

6. Emma _____ her bike and walked for a while.
A) got on
B) got off
C) got in

7. Our flight _____ too late.
A) got up
B) got by
C) got in

8. We finally _____ to putting the photographs in an album. 
A) got round
B) got into
C) got over

9. He's a very rude man. It's impossible to _____ with him.
A) get over
B) get up
C) get along

10. Do you know what the children are _____?
A) getting up with
B) getting up to
C) getting to

11. If Ian is lucky, he’ll _____ with a fine.
A) get up
B) get on
C) get off

12. Please get _____ the bus as quickly as possible.
A) get on
B) get in
C) get at

13. We must  _____ for a drink or something.
A) get along
B) get together
C) get in

14. Stop talking and _____ with your work.
A) get in
B) get on
C) get by

15. The four men _____ in a stolen van.
A) got away
B) got off
C) got on

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