Sunday, November 15, 2020

All or Whole?


All or Whole

1. I spent the ____ week working at this problem.
A) all
B) whole

2. ____ the workers voted for industrial action.
A) All
B) Whole

3. What does he do at home ____ day?
A) all
B) whole

4. Repairing the roof will take the ____ day.
A) all
B) whole

5. Did you read the ____ book in one day?
A) all
B) whole

6. Joe has ignored ____ advice he was given.
A) all the
B) the whole

7. ____ equipment has been carefully tested.
A) All the
B) The whole

8. I spent ____ cleaning that room.
A) a whole day
B) all a day

9. The President's assassination shocked ____ world.
A) all
B) the whole
C) all of

10. Let’s just forget ____ thing.
A) the whole
B) the all
C) the whole of

As or Like? Quiz

1. Steve looks nothing _____ his father. A) as B) like