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This English Test Is Designed To Mess You Up. Can You Get A High Score?

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1. Nothing happened to her, ________ it?
A) does
B) didn't
C) did 
2. You won't forget to lock the gate., _______?
A) do you
B) will you 
C) won't you
3. I’m late again, _______?
A) aren’t I 
B) am I
C) is it
4. James used to live in London, _______?
A) did he
B) didn’t he 
C) used he
5. She can never do it, _______?
A) can she +
B) cannot she
C) can’t she
6. You don't need to leave yet, _______?
A) need you
B) don’t you
C) do you
7. You should have turned right, _______?
A) shouldn’t you 
B) haven’t you
C) didn’t you
8. He's gone home, _______?
A) isn’t he
B) is he
C) hasn't he
9. Dinah _______ into the kitchen, didn’t she?
A) goes
B) went 
C) has gone


1. They grow _______ in this area.
A) maize 
B) maze
2. She filled the _______ with fresh water.
A) pale
B) pail 
3. He was fixing the hole in the _______ of the shoe.
A) sole
B) soul
4. Don't _______ him about his red hair - it's cruel.
A) tease
B) tees
C) teas
5. The soup is served with a _______ and butter.
A) role
B) roll
6. The smell was quite _______.
A) fowl
B) foul 
7. We can't _______ our plans now.
A) alter 
B) altar
8. She took a _______ at the presents.
A) peak
B) peek 
C) pique
9. No _______ person would believe his lies.
A) seine
B) sane 

Verb Types

1. “Die” is a dynamic verb.
A) True 
B) False
2. “Thank” can be a performative verb.
A) True 
B) False
3. “Grow” is a stative verb.
A) True 
B) False 
4. “Remind” is a linking verb.
A) True 
B) False
5. “Ripened” in the apples ripened is an example of an inchoative verb.
A) True 
B) False
6. "Be", "seem", and "understand" are stative verbs.
A) True 
B) False
7. Modal verbs use an 's' for the third person singular.
A) True 
B) False
8. A ditransitive verb can be followed by two objects.
A) True 
B) False
9. “Look” can be both a stative and dynamic verb.
A) True 
B) False

Hard or Hardly

1. I have to work _______ today.
A) hard
B) hardly
2. I can _______ believe what’s happened.
A) hard
B) hardly 
3. There was _______ any wind.
A) hard
B) hardly 
4. He found the French exam quite _______.
A) hard
B) hardly 
5. Some of the questions were very _______.
A) hard
B) hardly  
6. He _______ ever goes to church.
A) hard
B) hardly 
7. I gave the door a _______ pull and it opened.
A) hard
B) hardly 
8. Hardly _______ went to see her.
A) anyone 
B) no one
9. It rained _______ all night.
A) hard
B) hardly 

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