Saturday, September 5, 2020

Only Dummies Can't Pass This English Quiz! Can You?

1. We are ready to leave at 7 o'clock _____ each day.
A) right
B) sharp
C) straight

2. We had better _____ now or we'll miss the train.
A) leave 
B) leaving
C) to leave

3. The drinking water that does not contain bubbles of gas is called _____.
A) mineral
B) still 
C) fizzy

4. Please do not press two buttons ____ the same time.
A) at 
B)  on
C)  by

5. He has a car and often gives me a ____ into town.
A) journey
B) carry
C) lift 

6. He came to the party ____ asked.
A) in-
B) un- 
C) dis-

7. Your ____ will take time to ____.
A) heel, heal
B) heal, heel
C) heal, heal

8. He opened the window and ____ a deep breath.
A) caught
B) took
C) picked up

9. The flour is ____ using traditional methods.
A) grinded
B) grounded
C) ground

10. The lift is _________. We'll have to take the stairs.
A) out of order
B) out of condition
C) out of shape

11. You’re ten minutes late. I'd prefer you not to ______ a habit of it.

A) do

B) have

C) make

12. He took golf ____ for a while but soon lost interest. 

A) down 

B) from 

C) up