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Look + Prepositions Exercise

She works hard all day and then she looks ____ her three children at night.
Ryan put down his book and looked ____, "What was that noise?"
A) after   B) for   C) around   D) into

I looked ____ the telescope and saw crates on the moon.
He’s spent his whole life looking ____ an answer to this question!
A) around   B) up   C) for   D) through

Please look ____ these papers to check for mistakes.
She looks ____ on people who haven't had a university education.
A) down    B) for   C) over  D) after

I looked ____ the definition of this word in the dictionary.
Look ____ for broken bottles on the floor!
A) away   B) down   C) up   D) out

Don't worry about the problem. I’ll look ____ it.
She looked ____, feeling shy and embarrassed.
A) away    B) into    C) after    D) up to

Don't worry about her. She can look ____ herself.
We’ve started looking ____ for a house in this area.
A) down    B) around    C) into    D) after

The scene of the accident was so horrible that I had to look ____.
I’m looking ____ Annie – have you seen her?
A) for    B) away    C) over    D) into

Everyone really looks ____ to him for his courage and determination.
He looked the draft ____ before signing it.
A) around    B) out    C) up    D) over

If you don’t have a job you may be looked ____ on.
Police are looking ____ the cause behind the car accident.
A) down  B) into    C) around    D) for

You should look ____ for some dangerous wildlife in this region.
Look ____ my binoculars and tell me what you see.
A) through    B) down    C) into    D) out

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