Saturday, July 18, 2020

Verbs Quiz

1. A verb _____ a sentence by itself.

A) can be

B) cannot be

2. A verb is a part of speech that tells you what the subject of a sentence _______.

A) is doing

B) is being

C) both

3. Which of these words is a verb?

A) difference

B) differentiate

C) differently

4. Linking verbs _____ followed by objects.

A) are

B) are not +

5. It is _____ to use a transitive verb without a direct object. +

A) correct

B) incorrect

6. Linking verbs are also known as which of the following?

A) Copular verbs

B) Dynamic verbs

C) Stylistic verbs

7. True or False? Many verbs can be both transitive and intransitive.

A) True

B)  False 

8. The most common auxiliary verbs are as follow: +

A) have, do and make

B) be, do and want

C) have, be, and do

9. Auxiliary verbs are also known as which of the following?

A) Helping verbs

B) Supporting verbs

C) Holding verbs

10. How many auxiliary verbs are there in this sentence?

Do you know where she has gone?

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

In the question ‘Do you know where he has gone?’, ‘do’ and ‘has’ are auxiliaries.

11. He became angry. The verb became is  ________.

A) an action verb

B) a linking verb

12. He slept for ten hours.

Decide whether the verb slept is transitive or intransitive.

A) transitive 

B) intransitive

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