Thursday, July 30, 2020

English Word Pairs

1. _______, he works very long hours.
A) By and big
B) Larger and by
C) By and large 

2. _______ I receive letters from former colleagues.
A) Now and then 
B) Then and now
C) Than and now

3. He regarded himself, _______, as a sculptor.
A) first and forever
B) first and last 
C) first and always

4. We will just have to _______ what happens.
A) wait and see 
B) wait and watch
C) wait and witness

5. He presented all the _______ to his colleagues at the meeting.
A) facts and numbers
B) facts and details
C) facts and figures 

6. I know the way he treated you was wrong but it’s time to _______.
A) forgive and forgo
B) forgive and forget 
C) forgive and remember

7. They do really good food at that restaurant - I go there _______.
A) from time to time 
B) from time to then
C) from time to next time

8. I'm afraid working on weekends is _______ of this job.
A) part and package
B) part and parcel 
C) part and box

9. We will have to raise ticket prices _______.
A) soon or late
B) sooner or lately
C) sooner or later 

10. You have to look at the _______ of this job.
A) pros and cons +
B) cons and pros
C) pros and tricks

11. Don’t worry. We’ll deliver the package, _______.
A) rain or thunder
B) rain or shine 
C) rain or flash

12.  _______, his ideas are gaining popular support.
A) Slow but sure
B) Slowly but surly 
C) Slowly but surely 

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