Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Adjectives that do not come before a noun

Decide if the adjective is used correctly or incorrectly before a noun.

1. The flight attendants will wake up the asleep passengers.(Correct/Incorrect)

2. We are too happy to give our support to lonely old people. (Correct/Incorrect)

3. My neighbor Philip is a very alone old man. (Correct/Incorrect)

4. She looked at him with wide, afraid eyes. (Correct/Incorrect)

5. The terrified little girl started screaming. (Correct/Incorrect)

6. The ashamed girl fixed her eyes on the ground for a long time. (Correct/Incorrect)

7. We need new strategies to target possible future customers. (Correct/Incorrect)

8. The center provides treatment to addicted young people. (Correct/Incorrect)

9. His worried parents were waiting for him. (Correct/Incorrect)

10. Does the hotel have an indoor swimming pool? (Correct/Incorrect)

11. Linda’s always been a glad girl. (Correct/Incorrect)

12. I don’t like the idea of experiments on alive animals. (Correct/Incorrect)