Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Take this quick test to find out your current level of English.

Please choose the best option to complete the sentence or conversation.

1. What time is it?
A) I’m too busy at the moment.
B) Let me just check my phone. 
C) It will take long.
D) It doesn't depend on me.

2. I’m going to stay in Montreal.
A) How’s it going?
B) How was it?
C) How old?
D) How long for? 

3. How did you learn English?
A) I've been taking classes.
B) Sorry, I don’t know.
C) I read a lot of French books.
D) I picked it up from silent movies.

4. What does she look like?
A) She's obviously exhausted.
B) In a relationship
C) I like the way she smiles.
D) She’s tall with curly hair. 

5. Where did you buy this book?
A) My sister was
B) Ann gave it to me. 
C) It was published by Penguin.
D) About flowers

6. Where did you park the car?
A) For a long time
B) I parked very badly.
C) I can’t remember.
D) In that drawer

7. Why did Gary arrive late?
A) because the traffic was fairly light.
B) He left home early to avoid the rush-hour traffic.
C) He got held up in traffic.
D) because the traffic was noisy.

8. Where do we get off at?
A) We have to wait all day long.
B) Where would you like to go?
C) We have a little ways to go, I think. 
D) It is so quiet here.

9. Larry looks exactly the same as he did at school.
A) He hasn’t changed. 
B) He’s changed so much.
C) I hardly recognized him.
D) He behaves differently.

10. How long does it take you to finish a book?
A) I read books almost every night.
B) I had no idea.
C) I’ve nearly finished it.
D) It depends on the length of the book.