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Mixed English Grammar Quiz

1.  He had ______ a line under my name.
    a) drawn
    b) drew
    c) draw

2. My parents would like ______ you.
    a) to met
    b) meet
    c) to meet

3. I’ve read ______ his books.
    a) a few of
    b) a few
    c) much

4. I'll give you a call as soon as I ______ to the office.
    a) am going to get
    b) will get
    c) get

5. Joey ______ very angrily.
    a) spoke
    b) seemed
    c) looked

6. Do you know where _______ my grey shirt?
    a) did she put
    b) does she put
    c) she put

7. She put too ______ salt in the soup.
    a) enough
    b) many
    c) much

8. The waiter asked if we were ready to ______.
    a) define
    b) order
    c) demand

9. The damage to the car was ______.
    a) minimize
    b) minimal
    c) minimum

10. I didn't realize Sue was a ______ chef.
    a) trained
    b) learned
    c) knowing

11. We are permitted to ______ our seat belts.
                 a) unfasten
     b) unlock
     c) undress
12. He ______ my advice and went to bed early.
     a) listened
     b) did
     c) took

13. How long have you been waiting?
      a) for 3 hours
      b) 3 hours ago
      c) since 3 hours

14. Take the medicine ______.
      a) twice a day
      b) two times day
      c) twice in day

15. Driving through a red light is ______ the law.
      a) against
      b) over 
      c) beyond 

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