Superlatives adjectives

Superlative adjectives are used when we compare three or more things and want to show which one is the best or has the most of a certain quality. They help us talk about things that are the highest or the greatest.

In this quiz, you will see sentences that have a missing superlative adjective. Your task is to choose the correct superlative form that fits in the sentence and makes it complete

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1. Chine has the _______ population in the world, with over 1.4 billion people.
    a) most large
    b) largest

2. My grandmother is the _______ person I know; she always has wise advice for any situation.
    a) most smart
    b) smartest

3. Among all the books I've read, this one is the _______.
    a) most interesting
    b) interestingest

4. This restaurant has the _______ sushi in town; I highly recommend trying it.
    a) goodest
    b) best

5. Swimming in the open ocean during a storm is considered one of the _______ activities.
    a) dangerousest
    b) most dangerous

6. Yesterday, I saw the _______ animal I had ever seen in my life.
    a) strangest
    b) most strange

7. Starting a business without a plan is the _______ idea you can have.
    a) worst
    b) baddest

8. Mary is known for being the _______ driver among all her friends.
    a) carefulest
    b) most careful