How well do you know English prepositions? - Quiz


1. He is waiting _____ the next bus.
    a) for
    b) ---
    c) to

2. The teacher explained the rules _____ us.
    a) ---
    b) to
    c) into

3. Are you still looking _____ a new job?
    a) ---
    b) at
    c) for

4. He talks _____ his mother on the phone.
    a) to
    b) ---
    c) for

5.I agree _____ you on this point.

    a) to
    b) with
    c) in

6. Joe traveled _____ France on business.
    a) for
    b) on
    c) to

7. How many did you pay _____ the tickets?
    a) into
    b) for
    c) with

8. I don’t remember _____ my first day of kindergarten.
    a) ---
    b) about
    c) on

9. She apologized _____ us _____ being late.
    a) for, to
    b) to, for
    c) ---, for

10.I’ve heard _____ you’ve never been _____ Italy.
      a) ---, to
      b) ---, in
      c) of, in

11. I’ll tell _____ you all _____ it.
      a) to, ---
      b) for, with
      c) ---, about

12. He’s fond _____ listening _____ classical music.
      a) of, to
      b) to, of
      c) of, ---