1. If something is a hot potato,
    a) it is very difficult and nobody wants to deal with it
    b) it is delicious and everyone wants to eat it
    c) it is given to a person who wins a competition or race

2. If you are under the weather,
    a) you feel ill
    b) you feel sad
    c) you feel betrayed

3. If someone is on the ball,
    a) they are good at playing football
    b) they are having a very enjoyable time
    c) they are aware of what is happening and quick to react

4. If something isn’t rocket science,

    a) it is not a branch of science
    b) it is not complicated
    c) it is not a fast process

5. If someone hits the sack,
    a) they go to bed
    b) they go to the party
    c) they go shopping

6. If you smell a rat,

    a) you smell something rotten
    b) you suspect something is wrong
    c) you are in a bad mood

7. If something rings a bell,
    a) it sounds familiar to you
    b) it sounds interesting to you
    c) it sounds like a warning to you

8. If someone is bent out of shape,
    a) they are too tired
    b) they are extremely pleased and happy
    c) they are very angry or upset

9. If something happens once in a blue moon,
    a) it happens only at night
    b) it happens only very rarely
    c) it happens very often

10. If something is a piece of cake,
      a) it is very easy to do
      b) it is very difficult to do
      c) it is very sweet