Similes - Quiz


1. The door is as solid as _________.
    a) a pillow
    b) a rock
    c) fuel

2. The road is straight as _________.
    a) a thorn
    b) a globe
    c) an arrow

3. Peter is as sly as a_________.
    a) fox
    b) snake
    c) tiger

4. My nephew is as sharp as a _________.
    a) comb
    b) razor
    c) blunt knife

5. The box is as light as a _________.
    a) rock
    b) log
    c) feather

6. I’m as free as a _________ this Sunday!
    a) bird
    b) currency
    c) bike

7. He ran away as fast as _________.
    a) cloud
    b) rain
    c) lightning

8. I was as busy as a _________ the whole day.
    a) panda
    b) bee
    c) koala

9. He is as wise as _________ to be able to solve this problem.
    a) an owl
    b) a penguin
    c) an ostrich

10. My dad is as sound as a _________.
      a) watch
      b) gong
      c) bell