1. They walked ________ the field.
    a) across
    b) accross
    c) accros

2. He worked hard and ________ success.
    a) acheived
    b) achived
    c) achieved

3. Check your ________ and spelling.
    a) grammer
    b) grammar
    c) granmar

4. He was deeply ________ at the result.
    a) disapointed
    b) dissapointed
    c) disappointed

5. A wedding is a special ________.
    a) occasion
    b) ocassion
    c) occassion

6. His voice becomes loud and ________.
    a) aggresive
    b) aggressive
    c) agrressive

7. What’s your home ________?
    a) adress
    b) address
    c) addres

8. We made no ________ plans.
    a) definit
    b) definate
    c) definite

9. He’s about average ________.
    a) heigth
    b) height
    c) heighth

10. I have a ________ for you!
      a) surprise
      b) suprise
      c) surprize