12 Common Mistakes Learners Make - QUIZ


1. Complete the sentence.
    I'm just waiting for Bob ______ downstairs.
    a) coming
    b) to come

2. Complete the sentence.
    Get Carl to lift it. He’s stronger than ______.
    a) me
    b) to come

3. Complete the sentence.
    It takes about 30 minutes ______ food or 10 minutes ______ car.
    a) by/by
    b) on/by
    c) by/on
    d) on/on

4. Complete the sentence.
    We have known each other ______ a couple of months.
    a) for
    b) during

5. Complete the sentence.
    I ______ my homework on the bus.
    a) forgot
    b) left

6. Complete the sentence.
    Are you ______ interested in working abroad?
    a) already
    b) still
    c) yet

7. Complete the sentence.
    The thing ______, I didn’t have any money on me to do that.
    a) that
    b) what
    c) is

8. Complete the sentence.
    ______ of the people I had invited turned up.
    a) Most
    b) The most

9. Where’s the grammar mistake in this sentence?
    I’ve forgotten some the details.

10. Which sentence is grammatically correct?
     a) Try to answer every questions.
     b) Every of my friends is special to me.
     c) I enjoyed every minute of the party.

11. Complete the sentences.
     There were ______ of people there.
     a) thousand
     b) thousands

     The factory employs several ______ people.
     a) thousand
     b) thousands

12. In which sentence is the reflexive pronoun used correctly?
     a) We really enjoyed ourselves at the party.
     b) I was tired and couldn’t concentrate myself.
     c) Does he feel himself sick?