Past Simple Tense - Quiz


1. James Cook ________ to Australia in 1770.
    a) sails
    b) sailed
    c) sole

2. I looked out of the window but ________ nothing.
    a) see
    b) saw
    c) seen

3. Complete the sentence with the past simple form of “stay”.
    She ________ at home on the weekend because she was ill.

4. Which word is a correct past simple verb?
    a) Finded
    b) Fled
    c) Feeded

5. ________ you visit your dentist last night?
    a) Are
    b) Did
    c) Do

6. What time ________ lunch?
    a) did you had
    b) you haved
    c) did you have

7. Which sentence is correct?
    a) They didn’t played very well.
    b) Did you met anyone in town?
    c) What time did arrive your train?
    d) We didn’t have any money.

8. Which sentence is NOT correct?
    a) How did you two meet?
    b) What did you got for your birthday?
    c) I didn’t do my exercise this morning.
    d) I didn’t read the book you gave me.

9. Choose the correct short answer.
A) Did he go to the cinema last night?
B) ________

    a) Yes, I’d.
    b) Yes, I do
    c) Yes, I did

10. I ________ more than enough.
    a) sleeper
    b) slept

11. Cassandra ________ her hand from his.
    a) withdrawed
    b) withdrew
    c) withdrawn

12. He ________ attention during class and ________ his notes.
    a) payed/studied
    b) paid/studied
    c) payed/studyed
    d) paid/ studyed