Verb Forms - Quiz


English Quiz


1. She’s been _______ for you all day.
    a) wait
    b) waited
    c) waiting

2. Do you still _______ at the same address?
    a) live
    b) living
    c) lived

3. Stop _______ and look at me.
    a) cry
    b) crying
    c) cried

4. My sister _______ a word of French.
    a) does not speaks
    b) does not speak
    c) do not speak

5. Both Alex and Ben _______ to work by bus.
    a) go
    b) goes

6. Does she _______ anything about this?

    a) knew
    b) knows
    c) know

7. We _______ here since 2010.
    a) will live
    b) have lived
    c) live

8. I _______ her yesterday afternoon.
    a) see
    b) saw

9. I _______ the work in the next few days.
    a) finished
    b) had finished
    c) will finish

10. Do you know want me _______ the car?
    a) to wash
    b) wash