Non-progressive verbs - Quiz


English Quiz


1. I ________ it’s a really good idea.
    a) think
    b) am thinking

2. Please be quiet. I ________ about it.
    a) think
    b) ‘m thinking

3. I ________ a thing about it.
    a) don’t remember
    b) am not remembering

4. She ________ the doctor again next week.
    a) sees
    b) is seeing

5. I ________ no need to change your eating habits.

    a) see
    b) am seeing

6. He ________ like a really interesting person.
    a) looks
    b) is looking

7. Why ____ that man ________ at me?

    a) does/look
    b) is/looking

8. The car ________ to the woman in the house opposite.

    a) belongs
    b) is belonging

9. I ________ not to discuss this matter.

    a) prefer
    b) am preferring

10. The region’s economy ________ on services.

    a) depends
    b) is depending

11. ____ you ________ to me? I’m talking to you.
    a) Do/listen
    b) Are/listening

12. ‘We should eat less fat and more vegetables.’
      ‘I ________ with you.’

     a) totally agree
     b) am totally agreeing

13. Which sentence is correct?
     a) I’m having a headache.
     b) The party is having 5000 members.
     c) We are having a great time.

14. Which sentence is NOT correct?
     a) The crew is consisting of nine members.
     b) I am feeling a little weak today.
     c) I’m thinking about buying a new car.