Identify the nouns - Quiz


English Quiz


Read the sentences and identify the nouns.

1. Where did you put the newspaper?
    a) did
    b) you
    c) put
    d) newspaper

2. He turned back to his work.
    a) work
    b) turned
    c) back
    d) He

3. I’ve just started a new job.
    a) new
    b) started
    c) job
    d) just

4. I really couldn’t eat another thing.
    a) really
    b) thing
    c) another
    d) eat

5. He’s wearing a dress like mine.
    a) like
    b) dress
    c) mine
    d) wearing

6. I don’t expect him to become a successful politician.
    a) politician
    b) successful
    c) become
    d) him

7. He wore a red, black and white watch.
    a) wore
    b) red
    c) white
    d) watch

8. We have a wonderful old Italian clock.
    a) Italian
    b) wonderful
    c) clock
    d) old

9. They’re building a house there.
    a) building
    b) house
    c) there
    d) they

10. He only works mornings.

    a) only
    b) works
    c) in
    d) mornings