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English Quiz


1. He’s still learning to read, ______?
   a) isn’t he
   b) is he
   c) has he

2. You haven’t met my wife, ______?
   a) haven’t you
   b) do you
   c) have you

3. Jessica loves animals, ______?
   a) doesn’t she
   b) does she
   c) isn’t she

4. They don’t eat meat, ______?
   a) don’t they
   b) do they
   c) can they

5. He’s gone home, ______?
   a) isn’t he
   b) has he
   c) hasn’t he

6. Let’s have some lunch, ______?
   a) shan’t we
   b) shall we
   c) will we

7. We will be in time, ______?

   a) won’t we
   b) will we
   c) are we

8. Nobody lives here, ______?
   a) did he
   b) don’t they
   c) do they

9. You have a beautiful house, ______?
   a) haven’t you
   b) have you
   c) don’t you

10. I’m the tallest, ______?
   a) am not I
   b) aren’t I
   c) are I