Demonstratives Quiz: This, That, These, Those


English Quiz


1. __________ my mother’s engagement ring.
    a) This was
    b) These were

2. ______ looks like an interesting book.
    a) Those
    b) That

3. __________ very comfortable shoes and look really nice.
    a) This is
    b) These are

4. None of _____ answers are correct.

    a) these
    b) this

5. Just give me one of _____.
    a) those
    b) that

6. Come here and look at _____!
    a) that
    b) this

7. Look at _____ man over there.

    a) that
    b) this

8. Cairo! _____’s my favorite place!

    a) That
    b) Those

9. This seat is yours and _____ seat is mine.
    a) this
    b) that

10. This dictionary is more expensive than _____ one.
    a) those
    b) that