Adjective Order Quiz


English Quiz


Choose the correct order of the adjectives.

1. He keeps the letter in a _________ box.
    a) yellow big square
    b) big square yellow
    c) square yellow big

2. He was sitting at _________ desk.
    a) his antique rosewood
    b) his rosewood antique
    c) antique his rosewood

3. She was wearing a _________ dress.
    a) cotton blue new
    b) new blue cotton
    c) blue cotton new

4. An _________ rug covered the floor.
    a) old Persian interesting
    b) Persian interesting old
    c) interesting old Persian

5. She got on her _________ bike and left.
    a) expensive modern red
    b) modern expensive red
    c) red modern expensive

6. Where did you buy that _________ table?
    a) small glass coffee
    b) coffee small glass
    c) glass small coffee

7. I ate _________ soup.
    a) vegetable hot delicious
    b) hot delicious vegetable
    c) delicious hot vegetable

8. We see two _________ women.
    a) middle-aged beautiful tall
    b) beautiful tall middle-aged
    c) beautiful middle-aged tall

9. He glanced at his _________ watch.
    a) red, black and white
    b) red and black and white
    c) red-black-white

10. There were _________ ornaments on the shelf.
    a) charming and silver and gold
    b) charming, silver, gold
    c) charming silver and gold