Taxi Vocabulary - Quiz


English Quiz


1. Tourists were trying to ______ down a taxi.
    a) finger
    b) flag
    c) gesture

2. A ______ is the amount you pay to travel in a taxi.
    a) fare
    b) tariff
    c) toll

3. A taxi is also called a ______.
    a) clunker
    b) wagon
    c) cab

4. Taxi ______ up passengers at their current location.
    a) lifts
    b) picks
    c) carry

5. Another word for a taxi driver is a ______.
    a) cop
    b) courier
    c) cabby

6. There is a ______ for extra luggage.
    a) toll
    b) surcharge
    c) task

7. A small amount of additional extra money given to a taxi driver is called a ______.
    a) tariff
    b) tax
    c) tip

8. A taxi ______ is a place where taxis wait for customers.
    a) stand
    b) base
    c) segment

9. Taxi drivers use a device called ______ that reads the distance and calculates the cost.
    a) measure
    b) pulse
    c) meter

10. The taxi ______ me off at my destination.
    a) sent
    b) dropped
    c) put