Irregular Verbs Quiz


English Quiz


1. I haven’t ________ to her recently.
a) speak
b) spoke
c) spoken

2. Could I ________ by credit card?
a) pay
b) paid

3. I didn’t hear a word she ________.
a) say
b) said

4. She ________ her friends to the party.
a) bring
b) brought

5. Did you ________ to write?
a) forget
b) forgot
c) forgotton

6. I’ve ________ a present for my mother.
a) choose
b) chose
c) chosen

7. She was ________ unconscious in her car.
a) find
b) found

8. She was ________ a box of chocolates.
a) give
b) gave
c) given

9. We used to ________ twice a week.
a) swim
b) swam
c) swum

10. Did you ________ the dishes?
a) do
b) did


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