Animal homes - Quiz


English Test


1. The roles of worker bees are to search for food, build and protect the ______.
    a) nest
    b) hive
    c) drey

2. A bear escaped from its ______ at the zoo.
    a) hutch
    b) pen
    c) cage

3. Rabbits and foxes live in areas where they can make ______.
    a) burrows
    b) coops
    c) kennels

4. The cat was trying to enter the chicken ______.
    a) kennel
    b) den
    c) coop

5. The bears spend most of the time in their ______.
    a) dens
    b) dreys
    c) lodge

6. Grey squirrels build ______ on tree branches.
    a) hutches
    b) dreys
    c) pens

7. A ______ is a wooden box with a wire front that rabbits are kept in.
    a) pen
    b) hutch
    c) kennel

8. The farmer decided to put each sheep into a separate ______.
    a) pen
    b) sett
    c) coop

9. A badger’s den is called a ______.
    a) lodge
    b) drey
    c) sett

10. The ______ was spinning its web.
    a) beetle
    b) mosquito
    c) spider