Comparative and superlative adjectives - Quiz


1. This book is _____________ than that one.
    a) interesting
    b) more interesting
    c) interestinger
    d) more interest

2. My son is _____________ than my daughter.
    a) more taller
    b) more tall
    c) taller
    d) tall

3. This is the _____________ cake I’ve ever had.
    a) best
    b) better
    c) good
    d) well

4. Peter is _____________ than Robert.
    a) carefuler
    b) more carefuler
    c) more careful
    d) careful

5. Who is _____________ ? Daniel or Matthew?
    a) busier
    b) busyer
    c) more busy
    d) more busier

6. He is the _____________ person I know.
    a) happy
    b) happier
    c) happiest
    d) happyest

7. Which is the _____________ building in the world?
    a) tall
    b) taller
    c) more tall
    d) tallest

8. Jupiter is the _____________ planet in our Solar System.
    a) bigger
    b) biggest
    c) most big
    d) most biggest

9. Natalie is _____________ than her sister.
    a) more intelligent
    b) intelligenter
    c) intelligent
    d) more intelligenter

10. This watch is _____________ than that one.
    a) expensive
    b) expensiver
    c) more expensive
    d) most expensive